Share your story!

PeaceJam weekly challenge:
Share your inspiring story!

We know that all change makers have a positive story to share… what’s yours?

Every week, PeaceJam will be posting an inspiring story or article from one of our young change makers.

We’re giving YOU the floor!

We’d love to feature some of your inspiring stories on PeaceJam website!

You can tell us about…
You. An inspiring youth leader you know. A successful programme. An activity you’ve participated in. A living project you’ve seen. An alternative ways of dwelling together. More more more!
Your contribution is open and welcome!

We propose to feature blog posts of about 500 to 700 words. You can use any format you want: story, interview, video, article, opinion paper, etc.

You can contact with your contribution!

Some Tips to write like a pro

Rule #1 – Minimize your barrier to entry

  • Make it easy for your reader to be drawn in
  • Keep opening short and punchy
  • Start with something short and easy to engage with

Rule #2 – Keep your paragraphs short and your text visually appealing

  • Shorten everything

Rule #3 – Keep it short and sweet

  • Cut all the unnecessary words in a sentence

Rule #4 – Give substance

  • Write content for the sake of conveying meaning and understanding
  • Tell your reader something
  • Imagine they ask “why?” in response and answer to the question

Rule #5 – Tell a story, or various stories

  • Stories are a good way to introduce the article and to illustrate a point
  • Short, simple, to the point

Rule #6 – Show, then tell

  • Start by showing your point in action, then explain what it means and why it matters
  • This is a rule for your overall structure: Present your ideas in the following order: 1. illustration, 2. explanation, 3. understanding

Thanks to Federation of Young European Greens for sharing these tips with us!