PeaceJam Europe equips the next generation of young peacebuilders and peacemakers by providing the training, skills, and community they need to create new solutions to pressing issues and build a more inclusive and peaceful society.

Our values are the following:

Inclusiveness – this world is a place for everyone, regardless background, gender, race, religion, beliefs and social class

Non-violence – we can learn to respond to hate, discrimination and bullying by non-violence, remaining our own dignity and the respect for the others

Peace – instead of choosing for violence and hate, we belief that everyone has the right and a basic need for a peaceful community; at home, at school and in the society, we live

Compassion – everyone is born with his/her unique potential; we believe that once a young person has found that uniqueness, they can live a life full of compassion. Compassion with oneself, and compassion with the others

Respect/equality – although we may all be different, we share the human right of equality and respect: equal rights for all genders, for minorities, for indigenous people, for people with disabilities, for people from a disadvantaged background or area

Active citizenship – we want to create a new generation of change makers, who will be active citizens taking up a responsible role in their society

Accountable – we are accountable and transparent

Outcome Oriented – We will drive significant outcomes from the funds we raise