PeaceJam Award Winning Curriculum: Compassion in Action

PeaceJam’s powerful curriculum Compassion in Action is designed to create inclusive communities through positive youth development. It is for young people ages 12-18, with the goal of providing an antidote to radicalization, xenophobia, and discrimination facing our communities.

Compassion in Action takes students and community on an engaging journey that explores the personal, social, and institutional contexts that shape today’s world. It builds young people’s core competencies from altruism and compassion, to action and engagement – and helps students value diversity and create inclusive communities within their schools and neighbourhoods. It also provides students with access to the wisdom, courage and determination of PeaceJam’s Nobel Peace Prize winners who have overcome life challenges such as war, racism, and poverty through peace, compassion and nonviolence.

PeaceJam is the only youth development programme led by 14 Nobel Peace Laureates. Students will learn about these world heroes of peace through the Compassion in Action programme: The Dalai Lama from Tibet, Rigoberta Menchú Tum from Guatemala, Desmond Tutu from South Africa, Jody Williams from the United States, and Shirin Ebadi from Iran. This programme fosters creativity, systems-thinking, and the unique potential of each student – because they are the best antidote to hate, fear and discrimination.

The curriculum is flexible, allowing schools and youth organisations to adapt it to their priorities, policies, schedules, and school climates. Schools participating in Compassion in Action also have the life-changing opportunity to participate in a PeaceJam Youth Conference with a Nobel Peace Laureate.

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