UPCOMING: PeaceJam Pan-European Conference: Youth in Action for an inclusive Europe


“PeaceJam was a really interesting and inspiring event. I liked everything: meeting a Nobel Peace Prize winner, the people you connect with, and the activities. It was a fun but productive weekend. It inspired and encouraged me to stand for what I believed. It also taught me that staying silent and doing nothing is not the answer. Doing something about an issue might not solve it 100% but at least you can do something that makes it a bit better than it was at first.” 

“At the conference they put you in family groups with people you didn’t know but had to work with. I think this made us more willing to interact and participate in activities. I love Adolfo Pérez Esquivel. I went because I was curious about the jam and I got offered the opportunity.”

“Incredible – I want to go again.”

“It has taught me that we need to get everybody together to work together to make things better in our community. Everybody needs to support each other – like the fingers of a hand working together like the dude said. Parents really need to support their children to make things better.”  

“I had a fantastic time and I really liked the conference. I liked the workshops and I thought Adolfo was a really good man.”

“It was brilliant – I was really inspired by Adolfo’s speech and how he managed to influence the people without violence. I really want to go again.”

“PeaceJam rocks!”

“Don’t stop the conferences. They are amazing!!!”

“Fab weekend, thank you!”

“It was a fantastic experience!”

“It was good. I had a really good time. I made new friends. I told my school about it. I want them to come next year.”